GPCW Builds Capacities of Women in Business in Visale

Participants at the workshop gaining financial education at Visale, North West Guadalcanal.


GUADALCANAL Provincial Council of Women (GPCW) has held a day’s financial literacy and skills management – capacity building training workshop for women in business in Visale, North West Guadalcanal.

The event, held in collaboration with the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) – entrepreneurship project, was aimed at promoting economic empowerment for business women to help sustainably grow their businesses.

GPCW mission is to facilitate empowerment and advancement in gender inclusiveness approach to better informed on issues and concerns that affect them, whilst encouraging inclusive gender participation in all developments that benefits them.

Participants at the event included; women and girls engaged in businesses such as canteen, root crop vendors, and food selling, among others.

The aim of the ‘Entrepreneurship Project’ is to sustainably empower women and girls on entrepreneurship skills and knowledge, best practise on life skill capacity building, improve business and marketing skills and financial literacy in order to improve financial sustainability that raise rural economic development through small income generating activities. Also with sustainable improvement on family’s livelihood that raises standard of living.

Workshop Facilitator, Selina Berah from the Guadalcanal Provincial Council of Women said the project targeted hundred and six local entrepreneurs in two different venues in the Sahalu ward and Tandai ward in the North-West region of Guadalcanal province.

“We want to empower the targeted participants so that these trainings will improve their business and marketing skills as they daily engage in their small income generating activities,” the facilitator said.

Selina later added that the training held in Sahalu ward in Visale was a success which all participants learned a lot as they were empowered more on entrepreneurship knowledge and skills.

The most basic skills to equip women and girls is imparting the skills of budgeting and financial planning which is on how to manage their finances, to live within their means. Many people easily spend beyond their means, even for those with sufficient financial resources.