Giving Hope to the Marginalized Women Through Training

Solomon Women Newspaper
Local widow, Margaret Orinisi.


GIVING voice to the marginalized populace and empowering women are the goals of a newly established community organization in Burns Creek, East Honiara.

Small Stone Group trains women, disabled and elderly people who many times are forgotten or overlooked through the decisions made by government and community leaders in the country.

The group aims to work and address the issues of adults struggling with employment. They also aim to provide awareness and capacity building training for local members.

A widow, Margaret Orinisi previously joined the group to purposely receive support to address her daily social and economic challenges.

Every day is a struggle for Margaret, who wakes up early in the mornings to undertake her daily routine task of preparing her children for school.

As a widow, Margaret has tried her very best to achieve her daily household chores and provide food on the table to survive her family.

She became a widow in 2016 after her husband died. She has 7 children who are all in school. Like all mothers, she really cared for her children and did what is best for their future.

“As a widow, I faced challenges to provide the basic and immediate needs of my children and family.

“My daily struggle is to keep my family going; I have always worked in my food garden, planting cash crops to sell at the market for income,” she said.

Now, Margaret is happy and looking forward to participating in future programs and activities coordinated by the group.

She thanked the founder of the Group, who is also the Director of Perch Christian School, Mrs. Lydia Yeo, and her team for recognizing the need to establish such community groups especially by installing hope to all members.

“Coming out to engage and share constructive ideas with group members who have similar challenges has given me hope and more confidence that one day I will achieve my family little goals,” Margaret said.