Girls Take-up Initiative to Clean Underpass Tunnel



THE Safer Cities for Girls (SCFG) group have cleaned the underpass tunnel at Point Cruz area, near the Central Market.

Safer Cities for Girls is a program that consists of six clubs in Honiara City, under the Plan International Organizations. And their two implementing partners are; the Honiara City Council (HCC), and, the Youth, Women, Children Affairs (YWCA).

The SCFG supervisor Mrs. Veronica Muna said the cleaning of the underpass tunnel had been included in their action plan.

“This is one of our activities, included in our action plan, to clean the underpass tunnel,” said Mrs. Muna.

She added, the main initiative of their cleaning program was they want public spaces, to be safe for girls, which is why they also included boys in their clubs to support the girls.

“The idea of including boys in our clubs was to let boys aware of the issues concerning girls, there the boys can spread the message to other boys in communities.

“Thus if you can see, the majority of our young youths are what we can call the ‘ticking time bomb’ in our country. Therefore, when we include boys in our programs, they will give support, in disseminating information’s in the communities by SCFG spreading messages to other boys,” she said.

Whilst recently, SCFG had also cleaned the Borderline Community in the sixth and the White River area on the seventh of August this month.

Therefore, few of the SCFG group members said they learned a lot in the group on issues affecting young girls and through their group, they’ll be helping the communities in the Honiara City safe for girls.