Freedom Faith Net Global Supports World Blood Donor Day

PHOTOS CAPTION: (1) Members of the Freedom Faith Net Global donates blood (2) Freedom Faith Net Global pause for a group photo.

MEMBERS of the Freedom Faith Net Global (FFG) have pledged their support to the country’s blood drive initiative by donating their blood at the recent World Blood Day celebration held in Honiara.

In an interview with Solomon Women Newspaper, the organisation president Dalcy Tekulu said we have advised all our members all over the world to continue support this event and continue to donate blood.

“This is our first time we (Solomon Islands) have come out to donate blood however we will always continue to support the World Blood Donor Day,” she said.

Dozens of Freedom Faith Net Global volunteers lined up to donate life-saving blood on the blood drive event held at Honiara City Council Conference room.

Meanwhile, she said Freedom Faith Net Global is one of the networks that were based on promoting health and awareness products and it is now become a bigger network in Solomon Islands.

“FFG is becoming one of the platforms that support women not only in health sectors alone but in all aspects of life. We did support this network because nowadays we support gender equality in all aspects of life for instance: in business, education and health.

“However many times we are not able to see gender balance that will open a way for our women out there who have no opportunity of venturing into businesses and other sectors,” Mrs Tekulu said.


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