Females Praised for Enrolling in APTC Programs

Local women and girls with their certificates of achievement.


THE increasing number of women and girls who graduated from Technical Vocational and Educational Training (TVET) programs each year have earned praise and respect from the government and its development partners.

The opportunity offered by the Australia Pacific Training Coalition (APTC) for young women and girls in the country to upskilling and expanding their accessibility in education has increased over the years.

According to the Solomon Islands government, it recognizes gender quality as the centre of development. 63 women and girls were among the 106 Solomon Islands nationals awarded qualifications in 1o different technical and vocational programs offered by the APTC.

The 10 technical and vocational programs include Certificate II in Hospitality, Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways, Certificate III in Applied Fashion Design and Technology, Commercial Cookery, Education Support, Certificate III in Hospitality, Individual Support (Ageing, Home, and Community) and Certificate III in Tourism.

Special Secretary to the Prime Minister (SSPM) Dr. Jimmy Rogers on behalf of the Prime Minister’s Office commended these women.

He thanked the Australian Government for providing opportunities to women and girls in the country through APTC.

“The Solomon Island government recognizes that gender equality is central to development. Thank you to the Australian government for supporting increased opportunities for women through APTC.

“Training institutions like APTC make a valuable contribution to upskilling and expanding the accessibility of education to Solomon islanders, especially women. The National Gender Equality and Women’s Development Prioritises access to education and the economic status of women.

“I am proud to bear witness to your achievements.

“An Australian qualification is a significant achievement.

“You are in a position to put your internationally recognized qualifications into practice as part of the Solomon Islands workforce here at home, as well as abroad,” Dr. Rogers said.