Female Takes up Mechanical Trades For A Living

Female Mechanic, Jacinta Ahuai

THE number of women in mechanical or electrical trades has now become a new phenomenon in our society today. It is now quite common to see our young local women taking up trade studies in vocational centres, universities and employment on construction sites or in workshops in the country.
Jacinta Ahuai is one of the growing number women currently working in the professions heavily dominated by men in the country. She expressed that it was a dream come true to be a female mechanic.
“I have been admiring mechanics since I was in high school. It was really touching to see men repairing vehicles and having so much knowledge on different parts of a vehicle.
“Although it was quite tough throughout my first weeks of employment especially being the only female among men working in workshop. It was strange to me when I first started. I felt nervous often but managed to overcome the challenges by putting all my focus on the job.
“Despite facing a lot of challenges, I had a confident heart and pride to be able to achieve my goal as a female mechanic,” she told Solomon Women.
Ms Ahuai previously completed her mechanism studies at the Don Bosco Vocational school. He is currently working at the Solomon Islands Ports Authority in Honiara.
The 23 year-old encourage more females to choose mechanic as a future career.
“Many women perceive mechanic as a men’s job. This is not true; women can also do whatever men can do because it depends entirely on your personal interest and choice.
“Nowadays it is obvious to see women taking up studies and jobs heavily dominated by men in the country,” she said.
Meanwhile, she is planning to embark on further studies in the future, but at the moment she is obliged to concentrate on his current job as a means gaining job experience.
She encouraged local women to take on the challenge of venturing into blue-collar jobs normally obtained by men in the country.