Female Police Officer Salutes RAMSI


It’s time for the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) in country to head home after 14 years of partnership between the people and government of Solomon Islands and fifteen contributing countries of the Pacific region.
According to a female officer from Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) Angela Foagau, RAMSI outstanding work over the decade has contributed a lot to the improvement of peace and security in the country.
“RAMSI has made big changes to the lives of people here; more especially in restoring peace and security to the lives of our people living in urban and rural setting in the country,” she said.
Angela Foagau works as a Discipline Officer at the Central Police Station.
Since mid- 2013, RAMSI’s main role has been to working with RSIPF to strengthen its capacity and further develop it as a modern, effective and self-reliant police force. The Mission is focused on building RSIPF capabilities, especially in leadership development, public order management and the crucial logistics, human resources and administrative functions needed to support frontline RSIPF officers.
She praised the RAMSI for their tremendous assistance to build and strengthen the capabilities of the RSIPF. The assistance has enabled them to take the lead on frontline policing.
“The RAMSI should be acknowledged for restoring the professional value and standard of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force. It is remarkable to see local police officers gaining an overwhelming trust from the public in the country.
“I have seen how RAMSI has played a great role in working close and created a special relationship with the local police to help this nation,” Angela told Solomon Women Newspaper.
An important element of RAMSI’s work has been supporting a Solomon Islands Government decision to rearm a small number of specialist police officers.
She said RAMSI has made big changes here to the lives of people by bringing peace among the islands of this nation.
“I cannot express how am so thankful for the work of RAMSI in our country. I hope that RAMSI would see this one-week farewell celebration as a great appreciation from all citizens of Solomon Islands.
“I call upon the public to work closely together with the local police force as they will take over the work of RAMSI in Solomon Islands,” she added.