Female Nurse Aide Shares Her Story

PHOTO CAPTION: Female Nurse Aide Bennie Clizzer.

We all have dreams and ambitions that we would want to achieve in life.

All successful people men and women are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work every day toward their distant vision, that goal or purpose. Some would eventually fulfill their dreams while others chose to take another turn, or not able to reach the line.

Clezzer Bennie a young female Nurse Aide who hails from Marovo Lagoon in Western province shares her story after successfully completed her Pre- Diploma Nursing program.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Solomon Women Newspaper, Ms Clezzer said she works as Nurse Aid at Hellen Goldie Hospital for eleven years.

Ms Clezzer said she preferred her current career path because back in her young age, she used to admirer nurses and health workers in their uniform.

Later she came to realise that it’s not all about the uniform but about caring and having the heart for the sick.

Since then becoming a nurse was very much alive in her heart and more especially the thought of saving people’s lives.

“As times go by I was then graduated from Helena Goldie Nursing School and from there they sent me out to do my practical work at the Helena Goldie Hospital where I started to carry out my work under the supervision of my senior colleagues and supervisors.

“After all I never gave up although been confronted with numerous challenges along the way during my early days as a nurse aide,” she added.

Meanwhile, she acknowledged the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) School of Nursing and Allied Health Science (SNAHS) for accepting her to the Pre – Diploma Bridging Program.

“I must say that the amount and level of knowledge we have gained over the last 13 weeks has been quite extensive and challenging for all of us.

“While some of us have never had the opportunity to attend further trainings, it was also the first time for some of us to handle computers which is quite funny but our worst nightmare was the fact that we were expected to speak English while in class,” she said with a smile.

Clizzer also told the paper that she has enjoyed the worthwhile experience and have learnt a lot from the training and gained new friends as well.

Another female nurse Mrs. Edith Shasia added that they have gained better understanding of their role as nurse and this will enable them to contribute and do more on their patients.

“We are now ready to back to our various workplaces and with the knowledge gained we now have better understanding of the nature of our work and this will enable us to contribute and to relate more to our patients hence improving the quality of services for our people in Solomon Islands,” said Mrs. Edith Shasia.

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