Duo Female Savers Share their Experiences

Mary Vathaghi

WOMEN joining savings group have increased over the years in Solomon Islands.
According to the two members of the Numbu savings club in north east of Guadalcanal, the savings club has helped to mould their financial wellbeing.
“The introduction of the saving club to Numbu community has attracted more women and girls in our community. Women and girls have flooded in to join the club because of it short to long-term benefits,” Mary Vathagi told Solomon Women Newspaper.
She described her experience as an example to show how the women in her community have spent their money in the past before the introduction of the savings club.
“Well as far as I can remember, there are no savings club ebeen introduced for women in our community. In the past, I have experience great financial difficulties because I have no idea on how to save money.
“I normally earn good amount of cash from my root crops and garden fruits sold at the market. But when I reach home, those moneys could all vanish in just a few days. I believed it happened because there is no proper place to keep my money or no savings account to deposit my money.
“Another challenge in the past was whenever my children want money, I always gave them money to buy unnecessary things that are not important for them.
“However, when the women savings club was introduced in 2014, I had the opportunity to join the savings club. It’s very obvious that since the day I joined the club, I never regret any part of it because now my money is safely kept away and even if I did not have any cash in hand, I can still withdraw my money from my personal savings account.
“I believe that in the future this saving club will benefit me and my family,” she added.
Meanwhile, a young female member of the women savings club, Ellen Koghi said saving money is now an important priority in her life.
“I purposely joined the savings club to save my money to finance my education needs. Today, I have no problem of sponsoring my own school fees and stationeries,” Koghi said.