Dedicated Worker Earns a Job at Last

Eremina Rutu

WITH the current high rate of unemployment experienced in the country, School leavers or drop out students and many other youths today are facing difficulties in securing a job and as a result some ended up doing many unwanted activities.
Many youths today have searched for job opportunities but only few are chosen due to unlimited job opportunities available in the country.
Despite the great challenges faced by youths today without much support from the responsible authorities, some even tried their very best to find ways to get little income to help their family and prepare for their future.
Some dropout students attended vocational schools and training centers but that would not cater for all the unemployed youths.
With the program carried out by the Youth @ work program in Honiara, some have successfully managed to get permanent jobs after successfully completing their participation with the program.
Solomon Women’s Newspaper managed to catch up with one young school leaver who also joined the Youth @ Work program and now has started off with her new job as an Account clerk.
Here is the interview with the young lady about the experience and how delighted she was after finally getting a paid job.

Q. Please introduce your-self, your full name and where you come from.

A. My Name is Eremina Rutu from Northwest Guadalcanal, west side of Honiara.

Q. Briefly state your education background

A. I’m just a form 5 leaver. I attended form 5 at Marara community High school in 2010 but due to financial problems faced, it affected my studies and as a result I was not able to complete my fifth form.

Q. What was your aim after finishing secondary education?

A. I was an aimless person at first, especially after not completing my fifth form but one thing always comes in to my mind and that is to just stay and relax. I just didn’t know what would be my future.

Q. What did you do after Secondary Education?

A. After completing form 5, I worked as a Sunday school teacher at our local church at home and I also did some small courses in Technical Vocational Training (TVT) in cooking and sewing and also involved youth activities.
After that I heard of a program facilitated by the Youth @ Work in Honiara so I joined them later and continue with community activities like doing street and drainage clean ups. It was a little bit tough and challenging for me but I continued to be patient.

Q. How did you manage to get a job as an intern after joining the Youth @ Work program?

A. We were selected with other colleagues to do an internship for three months as required by the Youth @ Work program. And we were chosen to do our internship at the Sunday Isles Newspaper and Solomon Women’s Newspaper.

Q. Did you live in Honiara with relatives when attending Youth @ Work and during your internship?

A. No. I don’t have any close relatives in Honiara so I usually get to Honiara by traveling in Public transport. I live at Aruligo, west Guadalcanal.

Q. How far do you usually walk to get to public transport?

A. We were living in a village situated 4 km up in the bush besides a river and due to the distance from the main road, I have to wake up early at around 4:30am every morning to prepare myself before setting off to catch the public transport. Also due to the distance, on my return I normally arrive at my home around 7:00pm or even later than that.

Q. How did you manage to be selected a full time employee after completing your internship?

A. It was due to my hard work shown during my internship and the eager to learn the new things in my role in the office. Also I think it was due to my interest in my new job and I was always present during my internship. I never miss out any day of my time except when I was sick or on compassionate leave.

Q. How do you feel when you have been chosen and hold back by the company you worked for as one of its employer?

A. I was really excited when my boss told me to join the company as an full-time employee and at the same time I was also surprised because I didn’t think I was a suitable person for such job due to the fact that I was just a form five leaver and never attended any studies related to the job. But I believe it was my interest shown for that job that makes my boss have the heart for me and welcomed me.

Q. What is your current position at the company you work for?

A. After joining the youth at work program I managed to secure an internship with Isle media (Sunday Isle) as an accounts clerk and now that I have completed my internship with the company, I’m still working as an accounts clerk to assist my fellow colleagues.

Q. What makes you continue to strive and work hard?

A. Since my father died when I was a child, no one took up my father’s roles to support me, so I have to struggle by myself with my mother, sister and my brother.

Q. What encouragement would you like to share with fellow citizens who might have face similar challenges in getting a job like you did?

A. Don’t ever lose hope but try to make good use of any opportunity given to you and listen out for small courses and youth programs such as the youth @ work program. Even though you might face challenges they are just your stepping stones and they would help you at the end to become someone you might not expect.

Q. Are there any final words of appreciation you would like say to those that helped you get this far?

A. I would like to first of all thank the Youth@ work program for offering such program to help the unemployed youths of our country and also to thank the company which I currently work at for accepting me to join them. Also I would also like to thank those who have encouraged me to continue my efforts since joining the Youth@ work program especially when doing the rubbish picking along the streets and drains. Their encouragement has really pushed me forward and helped me to never give up.

Lastly I would like to thank my family for the support they gave me. They have offered me a lot of support such as bus fare, food and they really supported me in my new job. Even though at times when I arrived late they never say anything or complained. I also understand that if you have honesty within yourself and to your work your family would also understand and trust you and would never say bad things about you, which might discourage you in your work.