Cost of Being a Single Mother

Single mum, Joanna Tafu from Malaita province.

MOTHERHOOD might not be that simple for single mothers but it’s more about being privileged, responsible, and committed to make sacrifices for the love of their children’s future.

The cost of being a mother is not that simple for Joanna Tafu, who wants to ensure a stable and successful future for her child growing up in the current urban setting of Honiara.

“To be a single mother is a challenge for me. I have faced with many tough situations but I had managed to overcome them,” she told Solomon Women.

Joanna is a self-employed single mother who hails from the most populated region in the country, Malaita province and currently resides in West Kolaridge, Honiara.

“I normally sell doughnuts [every mornings] in front of my house; the income received from my business sales has enabled me to meet the basic social, financial and survival needs and wants of my family,” she says.

Mrs Tafu has a son and most of the profits earned from her small business has been saved and managed to meet her son’s school fees and to build her dream home.

“My two major priorities are to build my own permanent house, and to make a lifetime commitment to the education development of my only child; I want to help my son realize and achieve his goals in education,” she said.

She encouraged single mothers in the country to identify their creativity, potential skills and valuable talents.

“To be able to find employment in Honiara is quite tough and difficult, therefore single mothers need to make their priorities right by creating themselves a positive way to make profits using their knowledge, skills and talents.

“If jobs are to difficult to secure in Honiara, then we need to becoming self-employed; where you are your own boss to generate your own income to help yourself and the basic needs of your family,” she added.

The growing number of self employed mothers in the country has risen over the years and for parents who want to spend time with their children, self-employment can be one solution one might want to venture into in the future.