Confessions of a Struggling Mother

Rebecca from Renbel province

Raising six children and having a husband who is unemployed is a stressful experience for a family life and struggle is the destiny to survive.
“As a concerned mother, you have an obligation with no choice but to take up responsibility in meeting the needs and survival of the family,” said Rebecca.
Challenges encounter in everyday life and every new dawn brings a new challenge. It is the lifetime pattern.
Yet, it is our commitment to prepare to tackle and solve such situations we can’t depend on others for support. We all have our daily challenges to solve.
Rebecca is a struggling mother and a very concerned maid. She only earns money to support her family through waving baskets, bilums and mats.
She said engaging in such medium is not really endurable because it depends much on customers. However, she is satisfied with what she earns at the end of the day.
Raising six children and financially supporting them in their education is not an easy thing; it needs enough money to pay for the school fees, stationaries plus food and other household necessities.
Though she meets up with such difficulties, she said she never gives up because she believes in the future of her children and she has to invest more on them.
Every day she has to leave her home and walk her way to Art Gallery to sell her products.
She said sometimes when she arrives late at home, her husband would get very angry with her, and she has to explain everything to cool down the tense acquisitions.
Rebecca said she wish her husband understands their struggle and lend her support because it is really difficult for a mother to do everything while the father just relax and rely on his wife’s earnings.
Moreover, it reached a point where she thought she had to give up because she never had any helping hand from her husband.
However, it is because of her children that keep her motivated to keep working hard.
She finally urges all the mothers in her situation to keep on working hard to support their children because they are the future leaders of this country.