Cassandra Makes Icon Dream Come True

Happy Cassandra Saliga with her award.

YOUNG Cassandra Saliga’s dream has become reality after she was declared winner of last year’s Solo icon junior category of singing competition in front of big size crowd and loyal supporters at the multi-purpose hall.

Cassandra had been singing with her elder sister, Chelsea Saliga who scooped the main award of the 2017 Solo icon-singing contest.

Speaking to Solomon Women after been declared winner, Cassandra expressed her profound honour and acknowledgement to the local supporters and organisers of the singing competition.

“I want to thank all who have helped me come this far especially my parents and my sister who was very instrumental with her word of encouragement that gave me the confidence to step up and participate in this show.”

The young singer from the Malaita Province has last year done her form 2 at the Saint John Community High school in Honiara.

It was a great competition for the Saliga family with Cassandra Saliga taking out the junior category of the prestigious competition with a rare vocal that defied her young age.

Cassandra, who has been singing since she was in primary school said: “My talent and passion for singing was developed since my childhood years.

“It was my dream to one day win the solo icon contest and for me to receive this junior award is a dream come true and especially when my sister and I have both won both top awards of this year’s popular local singing competition,” she said.

She encouraged young children who similar talent and passion to sing to continue on with their gift of singing.

“Our vocal talents are a very important tool in the development of our nation especially to promote sustainable peace through our voices,” she said.