Camari’s 1-Year Zumba Anniversary in Solomon Islands

Zumba Fitness Solomon Islands instructor, Camari Baleikaba (back row - first from right) and members at Dreamcast Art Hub in Honiara


ZUMBA Fitness Solomon Islands instructor, Camari Baleikaba is celebrating her first anniversary of hosting Zumba classes at the FFA conference room at Koloale, Honiara.

The Zumba phenomenon has taken the Solomon Islands capital – Honiara by storm with Zumba enthusiastic excited to be members of the fitness class at the Dreamcast Art Hub (previously Ham’s theatre).

This year was Camari’s one-year anniversary teaching the Zumba class, and, she is thrilled to share her excitement to have come a long way with Solomon women newspaper.

Tell us more about yourself?

My name is Camari Baleikaba and hail from the beautiful island of Kadavu in Fiji. I am in a de facto relationship – my partner is from Ysabel.

I am Accountant by profession and currently work at Morris & Sojnocki Chartered Accountants.

How do you feel celebrating your one-year anniversary as a Zumba instructor?                             

Camari’s 1-year anniversary cake.

One-year milestone achievement for Zumba Fitness Solomon Islands – oh what an amazing feeling! And am definitely mixed emotions that words can never express.

What are some of your highlights during the year as an instructor?


  • Meet new and amazing people who now have the same excitement of Zumba just like me-those whom I would have never crossed path with on the daily.
  • Put a smile on my students’ faces
  • Zumba is all about sharing the Zumba Love. As an instructor, I strive to run a class where people of different age groups, sizes, and shape feel free to express themselves through dance fitness and provide an avenue full of fun, life, and positive vibes and energy.

What are some of the challenges you faced?  

The main challenge in the past year was to find a location suitable for my students. Fortunately, we managed to find our current Zumba home – special thanks to the Dreamcast Art Hub committee for allowing me to use the Art hub.

On the same note, grateful to Heritage Park hotel and Forum Fisheries Agency for providing a temporary home for my Zumba club during the year.

I do not wish to dwell on the challenges, rather, share on how I am able to overcome these challenges. I am blessed to have a solid foundation of support – Family. The family has been the pillar of strength since the beginning. And because of Zumba, I now have this amazing group of students whom I call Zumba Family. The motivation and encouragement received are second to none – just what I need to get me through challenges. 

How long have you been an instructor?

1 year. I became a Zumba instructor on 24th June 2018 and began my classes on 17th July 2018. So my Zumba club began almost 1 month after getting my instructor license

How long have you been engaged in Zumba?

Attended my first ever Zumba class in January 2017, so approximately 30 months.

How do you see Zumba important for women and girls?

Zumba is not limited to Women and girls – Zumba is for ALL! Regardless of age, gender, and abilities, Zumba is for YOU!

Zumba can help you lose weight, tone your body, improves coordination, boosts your heart health, and most importantly, its fun, and makes you happy!

What is some important advice that you could share with women and girls as a Zumba instructor?

  • Get involved in fitness today. Whether it is Zumba, Aerobics, gym, etc. participate in what you love and what is suitable for you.
  • Invest in your health. Invest in your happiness.
  • Being curvy and plump does not mean you are unfit, and this should not be the reason you hide behind closed doors.
  • If you love to Dance then Zumba is definitely for you. If you dislike dancing or are shy to dance in public or around a lot of people (just like the old me), I dare you to join a Zumba class – I guarantee you will have a blast.

So if you’re keen on joining a Zumba class, sessions are held at Dreamcast Art Hub (previously Ham’s theatre) at Koloale. Sessions are held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5.45pm. For more information, check out our facebook page – Zumba Fitness Solomon Islands.