Battles of a Single Mother

Rita Suiga, a young mother from Malaita province.


Rita Suiga, from Malaita province, has had a very tough journey in life as a young mother.

Rita, 21, has been struggling to raise her two children after marrying at 18, during her fourth year at high school in 2015.

“The journey that I went through all these years has been a struggle,” she says.

Her husband left Rita after their second son was born, leaving her with both children.

“But I was lucky to have my parents beside me, helping to support me with my sons all this time.”

Until recently Rita was fully supported by her family. Now she has found a job and is trying to be responsible for the support of her children. She works as a cleaner at the Sunday Isles office.

“I decided to get work because my two sons are growing bigger and will be getting ready to start school.”

She enjoys the job that she started late this year.

Her boss, media publisher Linda Seni Wate, admires Rita’s energy.

“She is polite and kind and does her job with full willingness. As an office cleaner she has a great attitude and a character that creates beauty doing her job. She has a great potential and is committed to doing her duties and she is proud of herself,” Linda said.

Seeing Rita happy and as a young women struggling for the good of her family is encouraging, Linda says

Salome Hong, Rita’s work colleague, said that Rita is a kind, faithful and willing young woman.

“She is fully committed to her duties and I admire the way she does her duties daily.”

The young mother said that it was time for her to move on in life and do more things to benefit her.

“I am happy and proud of myself to be a struggling mother.”

Rita encourages all young mothers to be strong and brave.

“Whatever you do you must not forget that you are a mother and it is your responsibility to take care of your children.”

“You must be strong and happy at all times in all you do,” she said.