Annsmith Celebrates Certification in Fashion Design

Annsmith with her certificate of recognition in Applied Fashion Design and Technology.


ANNSMITH Hahe Alatala has recently celebrated her educational achievement with a certificate recognition in Applied Fashion Design and Technology.

She with support from the Australian Government underwent six months of study training at the Australia Pacific Training Coalition (APTC) in Suva, Fiji in 2019.

Her breakthrough will provide her the opportunity to explore and develop ways of working within a fashion design practice in the country. She is an aspiring and passionate fashion designer from Malaita province and her achievement will contribute to the development of the Solomon Islands fashion industry as we know it today.

Annsmith, 30 said it was a huge and milestone achievement for her to learn a lot in the six months of scholarship studies in Fiji.

“I learned more on garments; like how to identify types of fabrics. How to design outfits, how to do sketch design and sew the costumes. As an aspiring fashion designer I have acquired new critical knowledge and skills on the creative and innovative works on costumes and Jewries,” she said.

She acknowledged the Almighty God for her milestone achievement and also the support from the Australian government through the offered opportunity to study and train.

“The qualification obtained will give the lifetime opportunity to be creative with my talent and also to further boost and develop my career within a fashion design industry in the country,” Annsmith said.

She recalled: “It was in 2016 when I helped my sister on one of the pageant shows to help her design her outfits, there I noticed my interest and what I am good at it.

After her involvement in the pageant show, she was later invited to design the outfits for the queen show in the later years, and from there, her curiosity and passion extended her desire to explore the world of fashion and design.

“I design more traditional contemporary arts and design because I have an interest in traditional contemporary art because I wanted to display Solomon Islands identity through my designs,” Annsmith told Solomon Women.

Annsmith has design outfits and Jewries for weddings and she gets a lot of demand from a lot of local customers who are interested in her creations.

She encouraged other young talented youths in the country to always dream big and to concentrate on what they are passionate about.

“Step out of the box or the shell that you are inside and do what you are passionate about. Do not think down of yourself, always think positively that you can do it and things will work out for you,” Annsmith said.