Alalo Hopes to Make Difference

Woman candidate for Temotu VATUD Constituency, Mary Alalo.


WOMAN candidate for Temotu VATUD Constituency, Mary Alalo said she can be a catalyst for change in the upcoming 2019 National General Elections.

Mary strongly believe that she can help make a difference together with the people of VATUD Constituency.

“My strongest belief is to closely work together and bring about change that people put first; i.e. a change that brings out results for the people.

“It is my vision to unite people to develop our human resources and natural resources whilst protecting our rich heritages of our cultures, customs and church beliefs and improve the quality of lives for future generations.”

She said her goal is to develop VATUD as the model constituency in Solomon Islands through meaningful sustainable development.

“These sustainable developments means improvement of better access to essential infrastructures as housing, water sanitation, energy, communication, schools, clinics, roads, wharfs and access to financial resources.

“All these development would be through the development of the VATUD productive sectors like Agriculture, Tourism, Fisheries and access to markets.”

Meanwhile, she distinctively believes that there is already sufficient financial resources allocated by the Government for the people of VATUD through RCDF and other development grants.

“The people of VATUD had been unfairly treated by past serving members of parliament so much that there is very little to show on the grounds for the millions of dollars the SIG committed for rural development in VATUD.

“The millions of dollars allocated for the people of VATUD have not made much difference to the people of her constituency,” Mary said.