Aelan Jewel Offers Taste for Traditional Design Jewelries

Business owner of Aelan Jewel, Sarah Hill.


BUSINESS owner of Aelan Jewel, Sarah Hill has recently showcased some of her quality traditional custom jewelry designs at the 2019 Solomon Islands ‘Fashion Week Show’ in Honiara.

Hailed from the Western province, Hill said the business is specialized in Solomon Islands’ traditional custom jewelry and artifacts designs and the event is just another excellent opportunity to showcase her jewelry products.

She said her involvement in the event is adequate since the pieces that were showcased were inspired and designed by Aelan Jewel.

“My involvement in this Fashion Show 2019 is to showcase my pieces of jewelry using the models because I’m passionate about jewelry so I was asked to contribute to this event.

“My pieces are also desirable complimentary fashion pieces that Solomon Islanders can wear with their attire or buy as gifts that will always hold significant connections in the Solomon Islands.

“Jewelry is part of fashion, hence Aelan Jewel’s involvement fits in with the fashion show,” she added.

Solomon Islands Fashion Week Show also allowed attract many young students’ and youth designers to showcase their products. Ms. Hill advised the upcoming young designers that if you have a dream of becoming a designer, ‘big things start from small dreams’.

“I had a dream when I started my business-so, if you have a dream, do it and pursue it. If you’re passionate about it, you can do it.

“There’s no such thing as “CAN’T”. Start from your dream, get help, get advice and never stop trying-in that way you will be successful,” she said.

Malatian frigate bird pendat necklace.

Aelan Jewel was previously fortunate to have the opportunity to showcase its pieces at the 2018 Pasifika Women’s Alliance Show in Brisbane which was open to all Pacific Islands designers. They also took part in the 2017/18 Roviana Lagoon Festival in Munda, Western province.

Ms. Hill is very optimistic that in the next five-eight years, she would like to see her business expand into bigger shop scenario and be able to process designs using Solomon Islands local gold, and also create more customary designs and artifacts.

She was motivated by the need for a jewelry shop in Honiara to cater to the basic needs like wedding rings and other jewels started ‘Aelan Jewel’ with her savings in 2016. From her motivation, that stemmed the idea of creating custom designs pieces to reflect the vast artifacts and designs of the Solomon Islands.

“We try to transform our culture and designs into jewelry. We have a rich culture and we have so much to offer.

“When I started this business, I decided it would be a good opportunity to transform these designs into pieces of jewelry,” Ms. Hill said.

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