Ablyn Confident to Deliver in Classroom

Ablyn Fedo Kenneth


AFTER 3 years of academic studies under the bachelor-teaching program at the Solomon Islands National University, Panatina Campus, Ablyn Fedo Kenneth has received her certificate of achievement.

Ablyn, 27 from Malaita province graduated with a Bachelor of Teaching Secondary Education in English and Social studies at the previous official 2019 graduation ceremony held at the Maranatha Hall in Honiara.

“As a young female teacher, I believe this is a dream come true, especially to achieve such an important goal in life.

“In my years of studies, it is not that easy for me, but I thank God for giving me the strength towards my three years of study,” she said.

Ablyn is now focused to deliver more in the classroom with her newly upgraded qualification in teaching.

“Teaching profession had been my goal since I was a child and I am happy that I have gone through my studies and now I have achieved another level in my profession as a teacher.

“Now, I am grateful and look forward to going out into the classroom and contribute to the human resource development of the country,” she added.
She said that this is not an end to go further studies in the future.
“I would like to say that, it is very important that we go higher-achieving our goals in life.”

Although very proud of her achievements, Ablyn also paid tribute to his late mother. She described her mother as an instrumental figure in terms of her upbringing in education.

“Although this is one of the happiest moments in my life, I also would like to remember my beloved late mother and to say thank you for her love and moral support during my early years of education until now.

“I also would like to acknowledge my dad for his great and overwhelming support towards education endeavor,” Ablyn added.