A Teacher’s Call to Recognize People With Special Needs


    San Isidro school for people with special needs helps to build and mold young women and men who are mostly neglected by their families because of their speech impairment.
    One of the interpreter and life skill teachers of San Isidro is Louisa Ani, and she has an appeal not for the current government but the future ones.
    “I appeal to the youths of this nation, the high school students, to love your education and go to university, get a good job and help those who want to learn but are limited by their special needs,” Louisa said.
    “I’m asking the young generation because they are the ones who will grow up and be leaders, and when they lead in the future I want them to include these children here as part of their priority also.”
    Louisa hails from Langalanga in Malaita Province, she is married to a man from Makira.
    To her, having been an interpreter for many years, she sees the students of San Isidro as her children and they look up to her as their mother also.
    The challenges Louisa faces are mostly in communicating with her students in terms of understanding the interpretation of the language they are used to.
    “Some of them come here with no knowledge of sign language, but they understand the signs of their mother tongue. It took us a while to understand them and teach them all one sign language that is standard and is used to communicate all over Solomon Islands,” Louisa said.
    San Isidro has three interpreters and teachers and has around 50 Deaf students from different Provinces.