A Female Passion Behind Taekwondo

Emily undergoing a sparring session at the Multipurpose Hall

Taekwondo has been an admired martial arts sport among men in the Solomon Islands. However, it’s not a coincident to see local women taking up the sports today in the country.
All in all, what I can say is more girls have possessed courage, determination, toughness, talent, willpower and sacrifice and I am sure, women strength will definitely lead more women to be successful in Taekwondo.
Here is an interview with a talented member of the Solomon Islands women’s taekwondo

Female Taekwondo practisioner, Emily Margret

team who represented the country in previous regional sports competition.

  • Background

I am originally (ethnicity) from Malaita and Temotu Province in Solomon Islands.

  • Name:

Emily Margret

  • Age:

23 years old

  • Sport:

Modern Taekwondo

  • Profession and educational background:

I am currently without a form of job employment. I left formal primary education system in class six (6) in 2006

  • Sports participated in:

I first was interested in football (soccer) in 2007 and so I joined the Northern United women’s Football Club. After spending two years with the club, I decided to switch sports by initially enrolled in Karate (martial arts sports) and later merged into Taekwondo in the same year.

  • Years in current sport:

Eight (8) years in the sport of modern Taekwondo.

  • What is your biggest accomplishment in your sports?

My biggest personal achievement was earning a bronze medal in the Oceania Games at Noumea, New Caledonia in 2010 after competing in the 72 kg heavyweight category.

  • How do you set your goals?

Since I have a low educational background in formal education, my opportunity to earn a basic living and recognition in a society is to remain committed to the sport of Taekwondo and to hopefully become a female senior instructor in the future.

  • What is your biggest dream in the future as a female Taekwondo athlete?

My biggest dream in the future is to earn a black-belt and a higher (Dan) ranking in the modern sport of Taekwondo. I want to start my own martial art club to train our younger generation of interested martial artists in the country.

  • Anything else you’d like to share?

I want to encourage more women and girls to come and join Taekwondo because at the moment the sport itself has a very low number of female membership. I strongly believe the sport needs more girls to be heavily involved in and attach their lives with this sport.