A Big Achievement for a Young Mother

Mrs Mercy Sinala

After three months of trainings, Mercy Sinala, a mother of four from Malaita province was among 200 youths who graduated with certificates from the Youth at Work Pre – Employment-Training program.
She was apparently a happy mother after receiving her certificate.
The young mother told Solomon Women Newspaper that she came to learn new ideas and knowledge that that would help her to manage her own business she had recently started.
“I am one of the lucky mothers who attended this program and I’m proud of what I have learned through the trainings,” she said.
Mrs Sinala joined the Youth at Work Young Entrepreneurship group and had started her small business. Youth at Work then provided Mrs Sinala with a carton of sausage, tent and tools to help with her barbecue business.
“I enjoyed selling barbecue sausages. It has motivated me to continue and engage in business and also to help me provide for my family’s basic needs. Hence, I would like to thank the Youth at Work for the opportunity to accept me to join the young entrepreneurship program and to gain more knowledge on business.”
Mrs Sinala continued to encourage all young women out there to join the Youth@work program.
“To all the young mothers out there, I would like to encourage you to start thinking on how you will help your family in the future. Sometimes, we entirely depend more on our husband’s income not knowing that we too have the potentials to generate income with our creativity and skills that we could use to help ourselves,” she uttered.