32 Females Graduate from Pre – Diploma Nursing Programme






Thirty-three female nurse aides have graduated from a Pre – Diploma Nursing Programme under the Solomon Islands National University (SINU), School of Nursing and Allied Health Science (SNAHS) in Honiara.

This year’s (2017) Pre-Diploma Nursing Programme intake includes thirty-six (36) nurse aides. Four (4) males and thirty-two (32) were female.

The ceremony, in which graduates received certificates, was held in the hall at the School of Marine, Ranandi Campus. The nurse aides completed 13 weeks bridging course under the pre-diploma program.

Coordinator of the Continue Education Department of the School of Nursing and Allied Health Science (SNAHS) Mrs Clara
Devi said this year’s female intake has increased from last years intake of graduates and this has indicated a gender balance between males and females.

“I am very happy to see female nurses out there starting to realise their rights that they too can learn and do this Pre – Diploma Nursing program.

The indication shows that women nurses are very potential and have the ability to continue and further their learning,” she said.

She added although the particular domain is female dominated, it has significantly shown gender equality in that sector.

“Over the past two years, there has been a total of forty-eight males graduated under the similar programme however, last year’s intake has indicated a gender balanced and for this year, the number of female graduates is steadily increasing.

“We are looking forward for next year, as we will be focus more on gender balance as we are creating a carrier pathway for nurses,” Mrs Clara Devi said.

A nurse aid from Malaita province, Peter Kobia said while there are only four males in the female dominated classroom, it’s not a barrier for them.

“But what matters is to have a team spirit and to be able to work together with our female colleagues because at the end of the program the only goal accomplish the opportunity,” Kobia said.

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