2020 International Rural Women’s Day Marked Tomorrow

Chairlady Janet Oge Far right sitting in front row with Committee members.


THIS year’s planned celebrations to mark the International Rural Women’s Day is scheduled for commemoration, according to Local Organising Committee.

The one-day event will be held at the Honiara City Council on Thursday 15th October 2020 (tomorrow) from 10 am to 4 pm. Whilst the Ministry of Women, Youth and Children’s Affairs in support with the Honiara City Council will co-host the event in Honiara.

This year’s theme is – Iumi Tugeda Buildim Rural Women Fo Stanap Strong lo Taem blo COVID-19. Tomorrow’s International Day of Rural Women marks an urgent need for Building rural women’s resilience in the wake of COVID-19, for “building back better” by strengthening rural women’s sustainable livelihoods and wellbeing.

Chairlady of the organising team and Honiara City Council Women/Children’s Coordinator Janet Oge, said rural women and girls play a significant role in agriculture, food security and nutrition, land and natural resource management and unpaid and domestic care work. In fact, globally, one in three employed women works in agriculture. Women also collect biomass fuels, manually process foodstuffs, and pump water; eighty percent of households without piped water rely on women and girls for water collection.

Rural women play a crucial role in agriculture, food security and nutrition, land and natural resource management, and rural enterprises. They have been at the front lines of responding to the pandemic even as their unpaid care and domestic work increased under lockdowns, mobility is restricted, supply chains are disrupted, and climate and conflict crises compound COVID-19 impacts.
Gender-responsive investments to expand basic infrastructure, healthcare and care services in rural areas have never been more critical. This International Day of Rural Women is a key moment to galvanize action by all stakeholders to support rural women and girls to not only rebuild their lives after COVID-19 but increase their resilience to be better prepared to face future crises. (From UN Women website).

Caroline Harunari Houkura of Honiara City Council – Agriculture Division said despite with our country’s current situation of this COVID-19 Livelihood and food security is our priority task to a must to be address especially for all Honiara residing Household. And with this year’s theme Iumi tugeda buidim rural women fo stanap strong lo taem blo covid-19 speak it out loud that women are the main core players in sector of agriculture in terms of livelihood and food security, and in order for them to have the capacity as core players we must strengthen then with new innovation skill, techniques and technical information’s so that they become resilience in this covid-19 situation.

The International Day of Rural Women consists of several crucial stakeholders and organisations across Honiara, including the Women’s Development Division of the Ministry of Women, Youth and Children’s Affairs (MWYCA), Strongem Bisnis, Ministry of Agriculture-Honiara Office, Honiara Market 4 Change UNWomen, UNDP and Oxfam SI.